All About Spins

Here you can find some great information and resources on spins and stall/spin awareness in addition to the resources on my reading list.

Airplane Flying Handbook, Chapter 4. Start with this chapter on UPRT which includes spins. This will get you the basics but you need more! Continue learning with the information below.

Twelve Stall/Spin Myths Exposed  by Rich Stowell. It’s amazing how these myths keep getting passed on. Don’t be part of the problem. Read this paper excerpted from the book, The Light Airplane Pilot’s Guide to Stall/Spin Awareness by Rich Stowell.

Spins Without Fear Article written by Rich Stowell about spin training, published on AvWeb: What is spin training, is it useful, is it safe. Here is the article in .pdf form.

AC 61-67: Stall & Spin Awareness Training   A good read for all airplane pilots. EVERY CFI Needs this in their box of CFI gouge. This AC also describes the use of parachutes when spinning better than the FAR does, although it could still be written better. Update: See the FAA interpretation on spins and parachutes (lower on this page).

Cessna Spin Manual  Spin CHARACTERISTICS of CESSNA MODELS 150, A150, 152, A152, 172, R172 & 177. Great reference so a pilot or CFI can know what to expect when spinning one of these airplane models for the first time, along with other good information.

Cuckoo’s Guide to Stall-Spin Awareness Knowledge This is a list of questions I have come up with to ask pilot’s and discuss concerning stall/spin awareness knowledge. All pilots should be able to easily answer these questions, in my opinion. Sadly, this is often not the case.


Flightlab Ground School, Ch 10. Spins  A more in-depth paper on spin aerodynamics.

The Spin Debate – If spins can kill, why aren’t pilots trained to handle them?  Air & Space Magazine article.

What about those Spins

STALL AND SPIN ACCIDENTS: KEEP THE WINGS FLYING  2017 AOPA Air Safety Institute paper discussing stall/spin accident statistics, prevention and training.

NASA Stall/Spin Research  for light general aviation aircraft.

PARACHUTES NOT REQUIRED FOR SPIN TRAINING  § 91.307(d)(2) of the FARs, which addresses parachute requirements is extremely vague in relation to spin training. Even AC 61-67, which better explains the requirement, is still not clear or often misinterpreted. This article by AOPA discusses the recent FAA Fitzpatrick-Spartan College interpretation which (hopefully) puts the issue to rest. In short, parachutes are not required for spin training given by a CFI.

The Panic Pull  This is something regarding human performance every pilot should know about as it relates to spin avoidance and upset recovery. Read this AOPA article to learn about the panic pull.

Stall and Spin Accidents: Keep the Wings Flying  Very good paper by the AOPA Air Safety Institute. Includes some useful statistics and insights to stall/spin mishaps in GA.


Decathlon Spin Video  Good video with interior and exterior views of a Decathlon spinning. A trained person can see and point out the spin characteristics of the Mighty D.

John King Spin video – King reviews the basics of stalls and spins. Provides a good basic understanding of spins. This is a good explanation for private pilots. Instructors you should be able to go beyond this level of knowledge if you want to understand spins more completely.

Stall Spin Awareness Webinar with Rich Stowell Oct 1 2015 – Excellent material presented by Rich Stowell.

Most inverted flat spins in an aircraft


Reading List  Check out the other spin related readings on my reading list.





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