Enhanced Spin Endorsement Course

I have developed an enhanced Spin Endorsement Course in order to provide CFI candidates (or CFIs who want to be competent spin instructors) spin training that trains well beyond the national average for a spin endorsement in minimal training time. This course has been used for several years with excellent results.

On average this course takes 4 hours of ground and 3 hours of flight time to complete. The Pilot in Training (PT) will first complete some homework reading and complete a short quiz. Then they attend my 2-hour spin lecture before the first flight.

Spin Flight 1 – Covers stick and rudder skills, advanced stalls, and other maneuvers that explore the edges of the flight envelope, plus an introduction to spins.

Spin Flight 2 – Practice stick and rudder skills, spins, aggravated spins, demonstrate spins to the simulated PT, practice fixing and critiquing errors made by the simulated PT who has never spun before.

Spin Flight 3 – As required to complete training.

Course Training Goals

  • Improve knowledge of certain “key” aerodynamics.
  • Understand spin dynamics at a significantly higher level than the average pilot.
  • Knowledge of common spin mishap scenarios and how to avoid them.
  • Learn proper and efficient spin recovery techniques for your spin training aircraft.
  • Acquire knowledge of some spin statistics.
  • Attain a much more thorough understanding of maneuvering speed (Va) and why it is important to know.
  • Learn “proper” unusual attitude recovery techniques to ensure the most efficient and safest recoveries possible.
  • Gain comfort, confidence and ability flying closer to the edges of the flight envelope while performing advanced maneuvers.
  • Learn how to teach stall/spin awareness and spins.
  • Learn effective and efficient spin entry and recovery techniques.
  • Practice teaching spins as well as experience and counteract spin training mistakes.
  • Understand and apply safety measures to spin training.
  • Earn the spin endorsement.

My course is available for a nominal fee and I am available to train one or more of your instructors to teach the course.

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