Central Oregon Aviation Safety

Welcome to the Central Oregon Aviation Safety page. This page is dedicated to information useful to pilots flying in Central Oregon.

If you are a leader of a flight school, aviation organization or aviation company and wish to be part of the Central Oregon Aviation Safety Group, then email me through the Contact page with your request.

Aviation activities are experiencing significant growth in Central Oregon. The sky’s are very busy! Recently there was the addition of Hillsboro Aviation Academy at the Redmond Airport and Skydive Awesome! at the Madras Airport. There are the Erickson Museum activities and fire fighting aircraft at the Madras Airport. There are fire fighting aircraft in the Summer out of Redmond, increased activity with Leading Edge Aviation, Bend Aircraft and Epic Aircraft at the Bend Airport. In short, every Central Oregon airport is experiencing increased activity. Pilots be warned, you need to keep an eye out and communicate well when flying.

Please be sure to review the graphics below for some information on where there is a high density of aircraft activity, along with the radio frequencies used in those practice areas. In addition to the practice areas there is a significant amount of instrument training so aircraft are often flying practice instrument approaches in to all of the local airports (except Sisters and Lake Billy Chinook). The Redmond airport has the highest concentration of this activity. See below for important safety information.

NEW! Sunriver now has an AWOS-3

AS of 3 Oct 2019, the Sunriver airport (S21) has an AWOS. The frequency is 128.325.  The AWOS is also found at http://ks21.awosnet.com. The phone number is 541-593-4623.

Special Use Airspace (SUA) Warning

This warning comes from my own observation due to a recent event. As I understand it, the Redhawk MOA was created as a backup area for use when the coastal MOAs are weathered out. Well the Redhawk MOA was active on Friday, September 13th, a beautiful sunny day. So airspace creep may be occurring. The point is to be sure to check the activity of any special use airspace you plan on entering. A couple of ways this can be done by checking Center NOTAMS or the FAA’s Special Use website: https://sua.faa.gov/sua/siteFrame.app.

This link to FAA Special Use Airspace is also on my home page and at the bottom of this page under General Safety. The website shows active airspace and airspace that is scheduled to go active with time ranges of when an airspace will go active. The site is very useful so be sure to check it out.

Seattle Center Video

This video shows the Redmond, OR area from the controllers point of view. There is a lot of congestion in the area and VFR aircraft can cause issues for IFR traffic into RDM. PLEASE WATCH and be aware when flying in Central Oregon, especially within 25 NM of the Deschutes VOR.

RDM Area Letter To Airmen (LTA)

All pilots please read! Important safety information concerning traffic in the vicinity of DSD & RDM.


Seattle Center has opened a new sector for the Redmond area. This began on May 23rd, 2019. See the attachment, ZSE New sector for Seattle ARTCC that Seattle Center issued on 4/25/2019.

Practice Area Graphics 

These practice areas get quite busy with maneuvering aircraft. See the below graphics for awareness of traffic and training area frequencies.

East practice area 1.1

North Training Area & Aerobatic practice area 1.2

NOTE: The Madras Airport regularly has a Sunday morning fly-in for donuts & coffee. Several aircraft participate which means above average traffic in the area. Some of these aircraft do not have radios so stay aware!

Leading Edge Aviation Safety Management System

LEA encourages everyone to report any safety issues (actions or conditions) that involves safety at the Bend airport to their Safety Management System.

To enter a report, go to: https://lea.omnisms.aero/login


Password: LEA

Central Oregon Airports (public access)

Please realize that 2 Central Oregon airports have right-hand traffic patterns for one of their runways (BDN & S21). Many aircraft show up and fly incorrect patterns, creating problems. It is obvious those pilots failed to plan properly. Please do proper preflight planning.

Bend AWOS     Bend Airport   Madras Airport   Prineville Airport   Redmond Airport    Sisters Airport   Sunriver Airport   Lake Billy Chinook Airport  

Bend CTAF on LiveATC.net  You can listen to Bend traffic calls online now. Yet another reason to use good and proper radio procedures.

 Warm Springs Test Range/Proving Ground

Introduction to Warm Springs UAS Test Range Presentation  Short PowerPoint presentation on the test range and UAS flying in Central Oregon.

UAS Test Range – Be Aware!   General safety information concerning the Warm springs Test Range.

Warm Springs Test Range graphics. Check ZSE NOTAMS for activity and please avoid flying low (below 1,500 AGL) in this area during active times, for your safety.

Wolf Point copy

The coordinates are N44’51’5.84 / W121’12’0.64


WSUAS – Chart in .pdf

General Safety

Aviation Safety Reporting System  AKA “NASA Safety Reports”. If you are not familiar with these please read about them and use if appropriate. It is in your best interest.

Report an Aircraft Accident to the NTSB

FAA Special Use Airspace