Advanced Airplane Learning

“A good pilot must never stop learning and working to improve their skills”

A pilot should never accept “good enough”. We are human, therefore error prone and imperfect. Humans are not stagnant in their abilities. If you are not trying to get better, you are getting worse.

“Flying is 95 percent a head game. Almost anyone can learn the monkey-motion involved with shoving an airplane through the air and planting back on a runway. What matters is how we think. That’s what keeps us alive or gets us dead.” – Rick Durden

Learn to Turn. See Rich Stowell’s Learn to Turn program. Lots of great information in a free booklet that every pilot should read and there are videos to watch. See the Learn to Turn page on Specialized Aero Works‘ website.

How to be a better Pilot in Training (PT) Do you want to get through pilot training faster and cheaper with better results? Take a look at my recommendations.

A story of professionalism All pilots, not just pro pilots need to treat flying very seriously if they want to maximize safety. Here is a great story of how a pilot’s professionalism paid off in a seriously difficult situation.

Aerobatics  Some good information and resources concerning aerobatic flying.

Aerodynamics  Further explanation on some really good to know subjects.

All About Spins  A page dedicated to spin information.

Aviation Radio Communications  Plenty of information on how to use your radio(s) properly.

Designated Pilot Examiner  Get an examiner for your checkride.

Emergency Maneuvering  Dealing with an emergency becomes far more deadly without a plan and/or training.

Experimental Aircraft  My repository of information concerning experimental aircraft

Formation Flying  Serious fun when done right.

Instrument Flight  Flying in “the goo”.

Multi-Engine Knowledge  Learn to “tame the twin” properly.

Presentations  My creations that can be used for personal learning or presenting to pilots.

Single Engine Turbines  Information on flying SE turbine aircraft that differs from pistons.

Tailwheel  Fun airplanes and a great skill for all airplane pilots.

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA)  Glass cockpits, GPS info and more.

Test Pilot Center   Information relating to experimental test flight.

Tips for New CFIs Aspiring or new CFIs, here is my list of tips for you that will help in your success.   

Turbine Engine Knowledge

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training  A page dedicated to UPRT learning. Something ALL pilots should get trained for.

Miscellaneous info  Random (but good) topics that don’t fit anywhere else.

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