Aerobatics, maneuvers in which an aircraft is flown under precise control in unusual attitudes (the position of an aircraft determined by the relationship between its axes and a reference such as the horizon). -Encyclopedia Britannica

– Aerobatics is not stunt flying! Just as defined above, aerobatics is PRECISION flying. Learning aerobatics will make you a better pilot, and it’s a lot of fun! Even if the idea of flying aerobatics is not fun to you, it will increase your confidence. At a minimum, get upset prevention and recovery training. See my UPRT page for more on the subject.

– Unfortunately the term Acrobatics is often used (even by the FAA) instead of the more proper term, aerobatics. To me an acrobat is a person who does human feats of balance, agility and tumbling (see the dictionary definition). You will see both terms used. I recommend sticking with the term aerobatics as much as possible.

– Some people have a fear, or dislike, of aerobatic type maneuvering. This can be overcome (usually) by easing into aerobatic training. It all starts with a thorough pre-flight brief so you know what to expect. Then you start out with easy and gentle maneuvers so you can build up your confidence and awareness. If you have any motion sickness issues there are strategies and methods of easing those issues and they get better with more flying. There is so much value to aerobatic training that everyone should really try it out. It will make you a better pilot.

If you are serious about learning aerobatics I suggest some study in advance of getting training. This will make your ground sessions better and (likely) faster. The better you understand any maneuver the faster you will learn to fly it.

Basic Aerobatics book  Basic Aerobatics is a good book to start with.

Watch The Aerobatic Textbook series on YouTube. These videos do a nice job of explaining and demonstrating basic aerobatic maneuvers.


AC 91-48 (Acrobatics-Precision Flying with a Purpose)

AC 91-61 (A hazard in aerobatics – effects of G-forces)

Guidelines For Pilots Seeking All Attitude Training

AOPA Legal Briefing – Aerobatic Flight

AOPA Aerobatics news

I am available for aerobatic instruction in your airplane.


If you are unable to fly with me, you can find an aerobatic instructor/school listed on the IAC website.