“Any CFI should be able to explain how a spin develops, how to avoid them and should you enter a spin, how to properly (and safely) execute a recovery. Unfortunately, more often than not the level of training received often entails only a brief discussion regarding spins and a short flight in which two or three spins are conducted. I left my original spin training with an endorsement and enough knowledge and experience (or lack thereof) to safely avoid and recover from a spin. What I didn’t know is how much I really didn’t learn about spins. At my new job I was given the opportunity to become a spin training instructor. As a CFI I knew I was already authorized to give spin training, but I jumped at the chance to extend my spin knowledge. I was introduced to Mike Kloch, who was the primary spin instructor at our flight school used for initial spin endorsement training.  My impression of Mike was good.  He presented himself as a true professional which spoke volume regarding his flying and teaching experience. Mike proceeded to provide me with a wealth of training material which included reading material and videos on spin dynamics.   Much of the training material can be found on his website which I found to be very helpful.  After a couple of ground events it was time to fly. After all was said and done I walked away from the training with a sense of accomplishment and my ability to provide spin instruction is now well above what I was given during my initial CFI. Overall I can honestly say the level of training I received from Mike was exceptional!  I’m excited to take what I learned from Mike and pay it forward to my students. Hands down great spin training. Thanks Mike!!”

-Andrew R., CFI


“Mike was very amenable to my specific needs and happy to share his experience with our specific aircraft along with his experience in tailwheel flying in general. Having flown with a dozen different CFI’s over the years, I know that the interpersonal relationship part of the training to be very important to my learning process and Mike’s easy going and jovial nature really clicked with me. He lets his students drive the pace of the training and because he’s a professional instructor who is not looking for the next gig, he spends the time to pre-brief and debrief each flight to ensure both he and I knew where were at in my progress. He has always been prompt and courteous with my time, helpful and friendly in his demeanor…”

-Chris J.


“I had a great experience completing my tail wheel endorsement with Mike Kloch. Not only did he focus on the fundamentals of good stick and rudder skills, but he also helped me tighten up my traffic patterns and improve my radio communications. Mike’s depth of experience provided a dynamic learning environment, and I left our lessons with better methods of self-critique to continue improving to become a safer and more competent pilot.  Thank you Mike. “

-Brennan W.


“Mike Kloch was my instructor through my private pilot training, which I was able to complete in 18 weeks and had certificate in hand within 45 hrs of flight time. Mike is a great instructor who made himself available so I could finish my private pilot instruction in a timely manner. He made the most of the training by providing reference materials and tools to study to make the time in air efficient and productive. His vast flying career ranging from light aircraft to F-18’s allowed him to share experiences that kept training relevant and practical. I highly recommend Mike Kloch for flight instruction and plan to continue to use him for additional ratings and endorsements.”

-Jake J.

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