Stephen Ronan, Epic owner

I met Mike Kloch a little over three years ago when I placed an order for an Epic.  I had just bought a TTx and was beginning my training.  I was told that this Marine F-18 pilot could be my instructor at some point.  At the annual Epic Fly-Ins, I took note that Mike was well respected and highly spoken of by the existing Epic pilots.   He gave me advice about how to prepare for my turbine transition as well as provided a library of material for reading. Mike conducted my transition training earlier this month.  An adept fountain of both academic and practical knowledge, Mike is an expert instructor, or should I say Master Instructor, because he is one of those as well.  Our flights were jam packed with material.  Briefs and debriefs were informative and practical.  But, he left time for more academic discussions as well which was much appreciated.  He followed up multiple times after my leaving Bend to check progress with my mentor pilot.  Having completed the process, I feel very comfortable in the plane.  Of course, I have much to learn going forward!  I’ll most definitely be headed to Bend for Mike’s Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course.  In addition to the professional merits, Mike is simply just a great guy.  He is easy going, fun and conscientious. If you have any questions, feel free to get my contact info from Epic.

Stephen J Ronan MD FACS