Seattle Center ATC Information

This page contains information provided by Seattle Center (ZSE) Air Traffic Control in order to increase safety in Central Oregon.

NEW! SAFETY poster for RDM area. See below poster for link to expanded instructions document. RDM SAFETY visual

RDM SAFETY – Expanded instructions concerning operations IVO RDM airport. Please read!

Email from email from Seattle Center ATC concerning continuing traffic conflicts in the vicinity of Redmond Airport and Deschutes VOR. PLEASE READ! The graphic and video below are associated with the email.

Redmond Feedback 1




WEB Captions – This document goes with the “RDM Final Approach Courses”, RDM RWY 5 Corridor”, “RDM RWY 5 Conflicts”, and “RDM-Published Holding” png’s (below), to explain the graphics.

RDM Final Approach Courses

RDM RWY5 ConflictsRDM RWY 5 Corridor

RDM-Published Holding

VFR flight following

This kml file is a graphic of the RDM RWY 5 corridor that can be up-loaded to Foreflight