Formation Flying

Flying in close proximity to another aircraft has additional risk, especially if untrained. It can also be reasonably safe when conducted in a proper manner. Seek professional training from qualified instructors before attempting formation flight on your own. Formation flying is a challenging and extremely rewarding activity. In other words, it’s a TON OF FUN!!

There are many aircraft groups that do formation flying. An internet search will turn up many examples such as Vans RV groups, Bonanza groups, warbird groups, etc. Many have resources for learning formation flying.

If you wish to learn to fly formation in Central Oregon, give me a call or send an email. Training does not necessarily have to be in Central Oregon. I know other formation instructors so if you and a friend have airplanes and want to learn to fly formation, we can help!

There are 2 groups that have FAA recognized qualification programs. Getting “carded” by one of these groups allows the holder to fly formation in waivered airspace (e.g. airshows). They are:

  • Formation Flying, Inc.‘s (FFI) mission is to promote and support safe, standards-based formation flying at airshows or Aviation Events that operate under a Certificate of Waiver. FFI is a Recognized Industry Organization accredited by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate pilots seeking Industry credentials to fly in formation in such airspace.
  • Formation and Safety Team (FAST) is a worldwide, educational organization dedicated to teaching safe formation flying in restored, vintage military aircraft and civilian aircraft. FAST is comprised of eighteen signatory organizations whose mission is to support education in the restoration, maintenance and flight of their members’ aircraft.

Here are some groups who do formation flying/training



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