FAA Wings Program  A new (2020) video that describes the program and its benefits. The Wings program is easy to do and can help you be a safer pilot. If you don’t get it then ask me about the program. Participation is highly recommended. Another benefit is, should a pilot have a mishap or deviation, the FAA will likely look more favorably on a pilot who participates in the Wings program as this demonstrates a safety mindset.

AC 61-98D  Currency Requirements and Guidance for the Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check. UPDATED AC, dated 30 Apr 2018. This AC has a lot of new safety information, a MUST READ!

Engine Operations  AOPA Safety Advisor

Emergency Procedures AOPA Safety Advisor

Startle Response  FAA Safety Briefing. Understanding and taming the startle response is critical for dealing with emergencies.

Icing  AOPA Safety Advisor

Operations at Towered Airports  AOPA Safety Advisor

Reducing the Risk of Midair Collisions in VFR Practice Areas  FAA Safety document

Safety Information Bulletin (SIB): En-Route Wake Turbulence Encounters

FAA Special Use Airspace  A quick graphical or text list of active (or soon to be) SUA

Safety Advisor: Emergency Procedures

Super Decathlon Inverted Oil System

Engine Cooling — Less Is More   How much do you know about the importance and function of engine cooling baffles? Here is a great article on the subject.

FAA 101  Short, but informational, YouTube video that describes some of the basic functions of the FAA.

Aviation Thoughts & Quotes  A few thoughts and quotes I have put together. Although most of the quotes may be short, spend some time reflecting on the importance of what is being said and much can be gained from them.

NOTAM 101 Back to Basics  FAA document reviewing NOTAM structure, use, etc. Well worth a look. Of course you have to make it a habit to check NOTAMs before flying! Something I have noticed gets neglected much too often.

Daytime Black Holes  Great article from Aviation Safety magazine on the visual illusion often experienced when approaching a sloped runway, and the danger it creates.

NOTAM Contractions

Airspace Review  here is a nice graphic by Matt Adkins for reviewing A-G airspace.

Airspace review